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How to draw a face – proportions

The eyes

When you draw a face you start with the oval shape of the face. The eyes are placed almost exactly in the middle of the face. Often when drawing a face people tend to place the eyes a bit too high up. The width of the face often equals five eyes placed in a row with one eye width separating the eyes.

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The nose, eyebrows and ears

You can divide the space from the hairline down the the jaw into three equally high areas. Draw the eyebrows on the second line counting from the hairline. The inner end of one eyebrow should align with the inner corner of the eye. The width of the nose is also drawn aligning with the inner corners of the eyes. The ears has the same height and position as the eyebrows and the tip of the nose. We often tend to make the ears too small since we rarely look at them and they are usually covered with hair.

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The mouth

If you draw two parallel lines from the middle of the eyes, you get the width of the mouth. Place the mouth a little bit above the middle of the tip of the nose end the point of the chin.

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All done!

Now you can draw a face! If you want to show me a face you have drawn following this tutorial please leave a comment below with a link to your image. Good luck!

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